Anthony P. Moreno
Instructor: Fritz Beiermeister
December 21st, 2015

Pink Mustache Delivers!
The company that I previously used was, Lyft, a ride within minutes. The new product that I would add to Lyft would be to branch out and become a delivery service. Within the Lyft app there would be another area that rather than asking for a lift, you can order anything you want and the Lyft driver would deliver it to wherever you needed it. The target market for this product would be adults ranging from 18 years old and older. The target market would need a smart phone; just like our normal Lyft consumers would use and would have to have a credit/debit card already inputted within the app. I think that this would appeal greatly to our market because you can have anything you want at anytime you want. We greatly encourage our target market to not drive when they are unable to, so this would branch off and help to keep unsafe drivers off the road even more. The first target market that we would aim towards would be adults 21-40 years old. We would target more of the late night after hours groups of customers. This way we are still promoting safe driving while being able to enjoy themselves. Our drivers would still have our logo, the pink mustache, on their cars to let the customer know that it is our business who is delivering their products that they ordered.
Geographically, how far of a distance would our consumer be able to order a product from? We would allow our consumer to only be able to choose from various stores, shops, restaurants, office buildings and other locations within a 15-mile radius from the driver to the consumer. Demographically, will my 15-year-old daughter be able to order alcohol? Anyone over the age of 18, with their credit/debit card inputted in the app and has a smart phone with our app on it. We will have restrictions through our app on certain items, such as alcohol, cigarettes and other items that have age restrictions. Psychographically, what if I don’t want the driver to know where I live? The consumer is the person who let’s the driver know where to meet. Our drivers can stand outside of their car and wait for you or if you prefer the drop off at doorstep option you choose how you want to receive your delivery. Will they be able to deliver on holidays? Yes, our drivers choose when they want to work, so we will always have drivers ready to work any day at anytime. Behaviorally, once I order the same thing over and over again, can I just get a personal driver to get me exactly what I want every time? No, we do not set anyone up with the same people on purpose every time. That doesn’t give our other drivers opportunities at certain jobs.
The methods we would conduct for our marketing research would be surveys and observation. We would conduct surveys after every Lyft ride to see if our consumers that are already using Lyft would use the delivery service. We would also have surveys on privacy and what would be appropriate for the consumer and driver interaction. We could send out surveys to our current e-mail lists with coupons on both of our services, if they complete the survey. The other method is observation, since there are already delivery service companies out there, we would conduct some observations about them. We would observe their prices, fees, delivery times, what areas are most populated and what has failed within their business. I choose these two methods because I feel that we have a large amount of available audience and a survey would be a quick and inexpensive way to get fast feedback. Observing other companies is a also a way to see what the competition is like in this field and what makes our company stick out from the rest. Observing the other delivery companies would help us start from a basis on where we should start from and then branch out to make our company unique and give it the Lyft touch.
Once we have received feedback through our surveys we will be able to add features