Photo Essay

My aunt and uncle’s wedding was beyond amazing. Not just because my mother, her 7 brothers and sister. helped their baby brother with the wedding by catering for it. Not just because we were releived to say the least that my uncle was settleing down with a wife and not a hsuband. And defenitely not just because I get to have another weekend of cheating my diet. But because this wedding, this big event, brought our family and friends through all walks of life closer together, it made our bond as a family stronger. This event was obviously very important to all our family members. It even made our distant relative, uncle edu, attend. I was happy at the wedding because for me, it means we get to add another family in our clan of Manzano’s. Plus this wedding gave me a chance to eat all my uncle’s best dishes, having a family full of professional chefs could be the main reason for my weight, it could be but it isnt. if making a bigger family tree is what it takes for my uncles to cook again then a big family we shall have.this wedding gave me another aunt whom I already love. And that thought alone will forever be stuck in my mind.