Personality Assessment essay

Personality Assessment essay
Downside is an organization that deals with sales and marketing of households products in local and international market. The organization hires sales and marketers who distribute their products in all its market. However, the organization has experienced a period of hardship due to lack of competent sales and marketers. In order to solve this problem, the organization came up with various resolutions and one of them was to be conducting a personality assessment activity to all workers who wish to join the organization in order to evaluate their profile. I was one of the individuals who wanted the job of sales and marketing in the organization and below is a management-oriented dialogue of the assessment of my profile before hire by the human resource manager HR and the executive manager.
HR: Are you aware of all out terms and conditions?
Me: yes
HR: We expect you to have all qualities and skills necessary in this job since you will be dealing with customers directly
Executive manager: Many people like you have disappointed us there before and that is why you have to take you through this text.
Me: I am ready sir
HR: To start with, which is you score on extraversion?
Me: My score on extraversion is low sir
Executive manager: You mean that your score on friendliness is low? In that you do not make friends, you are quit and you do not reach out for other people.
HR: And since we deal with reaching for customers and making friendship with them, how will you manage this job with a low score on friendliness
Me: I will improve on that score sir by learning different ways of making friends and socializing.
HR: what about your Gregariousness score?
Me: It still low sir
Executive manager: You mean that you are not sociable and you do not enjoy while in crowed. How then will you be able to bring customers in the organization and yet you are not sociable?
Me: I will work on it sir. I will improve on my level of association and I will learn more on how to make friends and to associate with others.
Executive manager: Let us move to the next area of concern. What is your score on conscientiousness?
Me: My score in this area is average
HR: it is good to hear that it is average but we want to hear directly from you on your performance as far as self-efficacy is concerned.
Me: As far as self-efficacy is concerned. I believe I have the intelligence or common sense required for achieving success. I have also the drive and the self-control necessary for achieving deferent goals or success.