Operating Systems and Software All Wrapped Up

April Page, Ian Keane, Nathan Cook, Alma Molina, Luis Wiley and Christine Lehman
BIS 320 Business Information Systems
July 27, 2015

Klöckner Pentaplast Europe GmbH & Co. KG produces films for packaging, printing, and specialty solutions to pharmaceutical, medical device, food, beverage, and card markets among others worldwide. Klöckner is a Global based company in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Ohio, Virginia, Thailand, Mexico, Russia Argentina, Brazil and a few other countries all over the world. This company uses a wide range of operating systems and software applications that allow them to communicate effectively all over the globe.
Klöckner Pentaplast is a global company with a worldwide supply chain, supplying a wide range of products such as food packaging, films use in the medical field, for labeling and printing. Operating Systems are unique to a company’s way of doing things. An operating system can be addressed as hard and soft systems including: technology, financial, marketing, operations and people. A hard system is the payroll and human resources system, where as soft systems include performance management, selection, and compensation and development systems. (Colan. 2015) Operating systems help the business by accomplishing the following, such as device management. Most computers have additional hardware, such as printers and scanners, connected to them. These devices require drivers, or special programs that translate the electrical signals sent from the operating system or application program to the hardware device. The operating system manages the input to and output from the computer. The Lync phone system is a platform that has grown significantly through businesses; Lync is a collaboration that incorporates well designed user interface that moves and transitions easily from a chat session, to a video or audio business conferencing. When choosing an operating system for a business, the primary considerations should be the hardware platform used, the number of users and attendant system security requirements and the ease of administration.
The objectives of every department in every organization at every level are to make owners and stockholders money. Therefore, the more efficient an organization is, the more can be completed while acquiring fewer liabilities. In this case liability would be in the form of more workers on the payroll. Have the operating systems that track and account for massive amounts of information enables the company to hire 50 employees to conduct payroll activities. Whereas if the company did not have the information systems in place they may need to have 100 employees simply dedicated to the payroll. By having the operating systems in place to make 50 workers as efficient as 150, the money saved can now be invested into the company to expand or create other operating systems to improve systems already in place. All systems in the organization work toward the same goal, regardless of what department or the specifics, the goal is efficiency, which increases the bottom line. All systems have a wear out date and money saved by using the system should be used to upgrade them.
The hardware requirements for these programs mirror that of most computers in use today. There must be keyboard, mouse devices, and document scanners for input. Major companies have large storage units otherwise known as servers that contain the massive data that goes through the entire company system. On a small level data is enter through to the system with flash or thumb drives. Companies such as KP want to ensure that employees who work out in the field are able to input data in to their systems immediately. An example would be they go out to the operation plant of a major client; the Manager of the plants asks if they have 1000 cases of packaging film available. The sales rep looks up the inventory and realizes that there is 1050 in stock. The sales rep uses their tablet to put a hold on those 1000 cases to ensure no other sales rep sells them cutting his order short. This also lets the manufacturing manager that there is a priority to get more made and in stock so that other reps can offer it to their customers as well. This is how having efficient input hardware can improve sales at KP with high efficiency.
A device that carries data from an information processing system and converts