“On Buying Local”, Katherine Spriggs mentions the positive aspects of consuming locally produced food items from local farms which deals with fresh products. According to the author promoting local buying helps in the development of small farms, maintaining environmental stability, strengthens local market, promotes rural economies and helps in minimising environmental problems, which is caused due to transportation, over usage of chemicals, and increasing the fertility of land by cultivating various types of crops at the same time (polyculture). On other hand industrial scale production leads to increase in environmental problems which is caused by the movement of goods, using of pesticides, and unhealthy farming practices like cultivating single product across the whole land frequently (monoculture). This leads to barren land, pollution of ground water and even in the destruction of natural eco system. Though the author states about various counter arguments such as, loss of jobs, global recession, and instability of national economy which she received from others, who support large scale industrial production, Spriggs encounters all the arguments by stating that, all the benefits of local buying outweigh the advantages of industrial production. Though, buying of local product needs personal sacrifice, it has various social, economic and environmental advantages far more than sacrificed.