Often parents get divorced 50 percent of the time in the United States according to Mckinley Irvin family law. Having parents that are divorced may or may not still affect their children who are eighteen and older.

There is a 50 percent chance that married couples get divorced when their children are younger then eighteen years old according to children divorce statistics. Usually parents that get a divorce affects their children and it may or may not affect them the older they get.

According to divorce usu, some children grow up living productive lives after divorce occurs with their parents, but they are at greater risk for emotional and physical problems. Some children are more emotionally affected than others and experience serious, long-term emotional problems while others don't.

Some people who are older than eighteen expressed how they felt with their parents being divorced, and how it may or may not still affect them.

Britteny Richards who is 21 years old from Miami, Florida parents got divorced when she was three years old. She was asked with her parents being divorce does it still affect you? Why or why not? Richards says, " Personally my parents divorce does not ever had any affect on me. If it has had a affect it would actually be a positive one because I live having divorced parents. My parents got divorced when I was very young so I don't even remember them together. My mom lives in California and my dad lives in LA so being a child of divorced parents has allowed me travel and given my parents the opportunity to be happy, so all in all it was a good thing,"

Lauren Infante who is 22 years old from San Francisco, CA parents got divorced when she was three months old. Even though her parents got divorced when she was so young, it still affected her. Infante says, " My parents got divorced right after I was born, so that's all I've ever known. When I was younger, having divorced parents used to affect me much more than it does now. While it can still be annoying to split my vacations between both parents every year, it's not more difficult than it was to switch houses every month up until college.

Infante continues saying," When I was younger, I always used to wish my parents were still together and wanted to have a picture perfect nuclear family, but now that I'm older I realize there's a reason that things are the way they are. My parents divorce was out of my control and there's nothing I can do, but accept it."

Daniel O'har who is 22 years old from Birmingham, Alabama parents got divorced when he was five years old. O' hara says, " It doesn't affect me anymore because I'm more mature than I was when it first happened. I have also come to realize that there was nothing I could do to change the outcome. I have learned throughout life to accept things for the way they are and try to stay positive in rough situations."

Alex Coleman who is 23 years old from Atlanta, Georgia parents got divorced when she was nine years old. She says, " My parents got divorced when I was in elementary school and even though I am 22 now it still affects me, but not as much as it used to. I used to go back and forth in court because they both were fighting for custody of me. I hated going back and forth with them. My parents always communicated through me, when they needed to communicate with each other. I know now that it was best for them to get a divorce because they never really got along. I'm just scared to get married and have kids in the future because I don't want my kids to go through what I went through."

Parents get divorced often and it may or may not affect their children the older they get. Even though getting a divorce may have a huge impact on the child, it's not good seeing two people together who aren't happy. "Divorce is a life-transforming experience. After divorce, childhood is different. Adulthood with