Obama clearly portrayed his sense of exasperation , at the lack of change in laws to prevent any future calamities in America. The use of the noun ‘carnage' which associates to bloodshed and killing ,was used perhaps to imply on the shooting that had occurred. The phrases ‘I said..'a few months ago' and ‘before' along with the repetition of ‘its not enough' adds on more fury to Obama s opinion of sentiments being inadequate, it also makes the audience to feel the strong feelings of Obama towards this issue.
Furthermore, Obama also insures that more than provoking for the ones who are going through misfortune and being resentful about the lack of gun laws , he encourages a sense of cooperation between his audience. To draw the attention of his audience he uses inclusive pronouns like ‘we' and ‘our' , whereby he s trying to evoke a sense of unity among the people of America.
In addition , the speaker brings on contrast and connection to his speech to gain support for the much needed change, in the beginning he compares America s feedback towards the mass shootings to that of the feedbacks from the other nations, then brings on the contrast as of how America is inadequate in their responses. He responds to how the all allies of America is well ruled when it comes to the elimination of deaths caused by shooting, which clearly indicates the obvious change in the US gun laws.

(B) there's been a huge flow of migrants to America - this time, from Syria.
That means more syrian families among us Americans - kids,parents,orphans - whose lives have taken a whole new turn. This shows how another country is bewildered with the loss of their land and people, and are forced to comfort their own misery, and there are kids away from their parents - just lost.
I have never been to Syria. But my heart breaks by knowing the torture they have to go through - a punishment - for no reason what so ever. I would like to thank all the citizens who have received these migrants with open arms - for aiding them with necessities . our country has offered to help and take in as many refugees as possible.