Nothing to fear
Technology is considered as a way of ‘keeping up' with the present world. Technology has been considered as a preserve of the young generations - which is creating a huge obstacle in encouraging and teaching older people to become literate in the technological field. People who are over a certain age feel reluctant to learn how to use these latest technologies due to fear or perhaps even because of a lack of interest. But by laying out some advices to our fellow folks out there might encourage them to get online to possibly make their lives much easier on the long run.
One of the many obvious reasons to become familiar with these technologies is to accomplish your day to day life personal requirements by just a swipe of your fingertips; this could include online banking, hospital bookings, online food ordering and even cab bookings. By being able to do such work at the comfort of your own home, you are saving time from waiting in those long never ending queues. This will allow the senior citizens to continue to become independently supporting themselves without being dependent on the community.
Health benefits
Even though picturing an elderly sitting and playing games online is almost impossible to imagine of, many recent researchers have declared that playing games online can boost the brain and increase mental longevity. Moreover, virtual recreation gaming systems (EXAMPLE; Wii) can help promote participation of physical activities among the seniors as the users of the game are taught how to do dance and do yoga, two extremely beneficial forms of exercises for the elderly.
Social intimacy
Many of your elderly citizens spend their later stages of life in isolation, as they are separated from their family and friends by long distances. But with the help of technology you can be in touch with everyone who is closest to you, now all the grandparents out there can spend hours talking and laughing with their beloved grandkids. The feeling of despair and loneliness is yet another emotional aspect the technologies have helped the elderly conquer.
Watering your hobby
As a retired individual finding something to help you occupy your free time is very important. Well for all the hidden writers out there here is a chance to make most of your time, you could write online blogs, it will help you connect with other bloggers and to file your writing skills. Or are you into knitting or painting? With the help of the gazillion videos online you can be a pro at your artistic interest in no time. This isn't it! There's way more things the online world has to offer you which could potentially bring out the best creative side within you.
Security companion
As many of the senior citizens live alone, these technologies can help them from danger with help of just a click. Both the minds of the elders and their families will be at peace knowing that their safety is secured.
Many older people don't recognize or agree that they might be missing about by not being able to access the internet, they don't see how the benefits can outweigh the time taken to learn how to use it effectively. But clearly they can yield out so much welfare and also higher their standards of living.