Non-related Family Members Suffering from Depression

Non-Related Family Members Suffering from Depression

Some women who have never suffered any type of depression find that after they bear children they now suffer from mild to severe depression. Having children sets off a completely different set of emotions. Maybe you once had ample amounts of time to accomplish the tasks needed for everyday life and now you are thrown for a loop as life changed. Before or even during pregnancy women picture that what their life will be like after the child is born and I do not think it is what any woman expects. Each child is different and requires different needs, whether it is the woman?s first child or fifth child she is never prepared enough. Maybe you can relate yourself or someone you know to a childbearing woman who has suffered depression after giving birth.
Peripartum Disorders can have especially severe long-term consequences, not only for the mother but also for the whole family and especially for the child. Recent research has shown how maternal stress, anxiety and depression can adversely influence a child?s early and later development (Riecher-Rossler and Steiner, 2005). Postpartum or Peripartum disorders affect so many women from severe case to mild cases, but it is over looked everyday. My family was hurt by postpartum depression when my aunt committed suicide after her fourth child. After she gave birth to each child she showed signs of depression and was being treated for it, but it was obviously not taken as serious as it should have been. After they found her diary and understood some of the things she was seeing and feeling. This was a deep dark depression so severe that she felt she was possessed by the devil. At the end she had shown signs of improvement and everyone had thought she had improved. Inconsistent and contradictory results are of course not only due to the described problems of definition and classification, but also to other methodological shortcomings of studies. (Riecher-Rossler and Steiner, 2005). I believe this case of illness to be a result of nature and not nurture because it is the affect after having children. Taking care of children is the hardest task given in life. You are responsible for another person or person?s life and you are the direct result of their upbringing.
My sister in law also has suffered from depression after each of her two children. Her and I have discussed this quite a lot since we both have children. Her case is not as severe as my aunt?s. She has a hard time leaving the house and also suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) with cleanliness. The OCD has become so severe after having children that she has washed her hands until they bleed. After her first child was born she felt as if her husband had some what forgotten about her. She then started having major medical issues. She believes truly that there is something wrong and has a fear of dying from ovarian cancer because other family members have. Even after being medicated she still suffers minor symptoms and we watch her closely for signs of mood changes. Each case is different and are not all going to show the same signs. I believe this to be a case of nurture as she felt as if her husband had forgotten about her because of their new children.
I have one more case to discuss and that is myself and being depressed during pregnancy. During pregnancy is one of those times when you cannot just take any medication and everything has to be closely monitored. Usually a woman is taken off any medication that the affects are not known. I had tried to get pregnant for eight years with nothing but failure. Finally we tried some fertility treatments and one worked! I was pregnant and got exactly what I wanted, but became increasingly depressed about four months into the pregnancy and even started a journal about the feelings I was having. I worked long days and even a lot of overtime while pregnant even until the day I delivered. I just could not kick the depression and felt like everything was wrong and that I was so alone when all along my husband was by my side supporting me. The doctors said it was just an affect of pregnancy in some women and that I should