The text below is from a newspaper article, where the purpose of the writer was to show the perks of parenting that took place during his generation, he did this comparing it with the modern stressful type of parenting. He uses a mixture of humorous and mocking tones to deliver his message towards his readers, it clearly portrayed his frustration towards the parenting routine at the moment.
In the first paragraph, the use of the rhetorical question "how … Complicated?", makes this passage a conversational one . A sense of unity is brought in by the use of inclusive pronouns "our' where he is trying to connect with his fellow generation. The text is displayed in a chatty manner "doddle" this informal word just adds onto the friendly vibe that's being brought alive in a very lighthearted tone.
The regular reference to his past as a child "our parents didn't have to attend…' suggests how he envies the life of parents during that time , its further portrayed by the listing of the advantages the parents then had "look after their own social life', perhaps wishing for an easy going parenthood like his parents had enjoyed once.
The use of sarcasm every now and then might have been the way the writer was trying to take of his aggression out-in a mild way, yet conveying a strong message to the world. The mockery of the present parental ritual "we want them to feel good all the time.." further adds on to the fuel of his frustration that's being portrayed.
This article was ended with a short statement "one cant help but wonder …hand" where the writer further builds the final tempo of his feeling of losing hope in bringing back the better , stress-free way of parenting to this modern generation.