NBC 4 has a lot of different departments where certain people share different interest in. We have had multiple speakers come and discuss what they do at NBC 4 and what you may have to accomplish to get there. There was one speaker in particular whom I want to discuss because she talked about multiple topics.

Our speaker was the President and General Manger Jackie Bradford who spoke about numerous topics about the news industry. Whenever someone is working in the field they learn lessons along the way and everything counts. There are 4 most important weeks during the learning process and that is the first 2 weeks and the last 2 weeks.

Whenever you want to stand out more then others take more risk doing something out your comfort zone. When you learn lessons along the way, people also learn to own up to whatever you do and take responsibility. Working in the industry make sure you answer questions before they're asked, as far as doing more research doing. As far as questions, you want to ask questions that are not to distinct.

First impressions are always good that include dressing professionally. NBC also is looking for people who has explanations of their background, knows their goals, and has a short, and long term plan. Must be genuine and ready for questions, and to be confident about your responses.

Our speaker also spoke about digital media and how you can take advantage of it and even though it isn't your major. As long as you can do the work you are okay with doing digital media. In digital media you can have flexibility and have more input and get feedback on your stories. When you work in Digital Media being a great writer is very beneficial to you because you will have lighter years ahead of you. The best way to be a writer is just thinking of writing as a craft. Big media organizations are still arrogant about the future. Media companies will change a lot, but the smarter ones will change the way that gets them a position by cutting enough jobs to sustain themselves on a business level. Also working with Digital Media its good to have some type of investigation of information and work with database.

When it comes to Sports & Entertainment reporting you should know the business such as contracts and the salary. You should always be careful for working for free because the company can be u using and it won't be beneficial. Whenever somebody works in this field and others make sure that you show that you can learn throughout your career, and invest in yourself. Applying to a job in this field make sure that your looking for companies that who are looking for people who are different because you want to stand out more.

We also had a speaker talk about speech communication majors and what it consists of. Speech communication money comes 95% from advertisement and little money comes from sub fees. Doing their ads, most if them come from other countries, while little that's left to come from the United States. They also talk about how the automotive commercials have the most revenue on TV.

The speaker that we had gave us a lot of information about different jobs in the news industry, that didn't just have to do with NBC, but other companies as well. They told us what to do to make you a better person in the industry and what to look out for in the industry. I learned that NBC-4 had eight million viewers and I didn't know that it's Washington's television leader in the metropolitan region. In order to be in this industry you have to be aggressive and to never say no. There is nothing much better then to have good personality in this industry, and from you having a good personality then there is positive energy. If you don't understand something you should never be afraid to ask questions, because the more you know the more insight you have on the topic. I learned in this industry diversity is important because you want to be heard by every race. If you want to