Narrative essay

People say that what happens in movies do not always happen in real life. That those funny moments you see in television do not really happen to people. Well, with what I go through everyday, those funny and excruciatingly embarrassing moments really do happen. But there is one day in particular I would describe as the most unpredictable day. And it all started one fateful morning.

As always i woke up late on a monday morning. As quickly as I could, I jumped in the shower and started clenching myself. I was in such a hurry that I accidentally inhaled my liquid shampoo, as soon as that happened;
I instantly felt one of the worst pains I have ever dealt with my entire life. That kind of pain was unbearable to say the least; it made me cringe and whimper in pain. To relieve myself from the pain I inhaled some water and blew it out where a lot of bubbles came out. As I step out of the shower, I slipped on my soap and fell on my butt. Showering in a hurry really does have its advantages. I brushed off the pain I felt and washed myself again.
I stepped out the shower more carefully, dried myself off; put on my colthes and went on with my day.

As the day went on, more unfortunate events have happened to me. During lunch I almost tripped on a grade school student. It was a good thing that I caught myself on time or else nothing would have broken my fall except for the student I almost fell on top of. After lunch, as I was coming upstairs, a teacher caught up with me and told me that drinks were not allowed in the classroom. As if my daw wasnt bad enough already I had to drink my beverage outside the classroom. Alone.

Dismissal finally came and I steel feel lika karma was chaseing me. As I was walking out of the main building, I almost got hit by a huge car. Thinking I was going to die that day, I saw my bad day flashed before my eyes and I was thinking of what I have done to deserve this way of dying. After that incident, I was scared of what more karma has in store for me today.

When I got home, I finally found a time to relax after doing all my school works, I was randomly texting people until one of them texted me back, It was my happy crush and his reply to me made me forget about my very bad day. It really is true that every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.