ESOL 0372
Prof. Leal

Narrative Essay
When I was a high school student, like most students, I also wanted to go to a well-known, prestigious university. Thus, I determined to apply to Viet Nam University, which is one of the most prestigious universities. I tried to pass the entrance exam, but I couldn't pass it. As a result, I went to “Hong Ban” University, and felt the first disappointment in my life.
However, in the principal’s speech at the entrance meeting, he encouraged me. He said, "A college's fame is made by your effort. Our college is developing right now. Also, our college has many opportunities to develop and improve. You have the opportunity to help “Hong Ban” University." In this meeting, I learned how to live in school and society. I made my mind up to do my best at everything and found what I wanted to focus on. I knew that when our thinking changes, our vision clears.
I began to go to “Sai Gon”, which is a circle for studying, and started my new life. In the circle, there were a lot of rules and friends. At the time, I was happy, because I had a good time with my friends and learned knowledge I did not know before.
However, when I took the exam the first time, I scored only 22 points out of 100 on the exam. This was much lower than what I expected, even though I had studied for only one year, and was not ready enough to pass the exam. I felt disappointment again. After one year, I thought I was able to pass the exam this time, but when I took the exam a second time, I received 58 points, and still couldn't pass the exam. I felt disappointment once more.
After that, I became a senior. I couldn't afford to spend my time any more for the exam. Because all men must go to the army in Viet Nam, I had only one year for the exam. The time was important to me, so I decided to spend the time efficiently. Before anything else, I set a goal for how much I would study, made specific rules including daily schedules, and bought a clock. I tried to keep the goal and my rules. Sometimes, I wanted to have a rest, but I always thought about my goal and overcame my desire. One night, I had studied hard for the exam in college and thought I did my best. When I was on the way home, I felt comfortable and could have self-esteem.
As a result, I passed the exam. I also learned that to do my best brought happiness to me. Though the time was difficult, it was important to me and brought delight to me. I thought that achievement, self-content, and the development of me were real happiness. This time was one of the best times in my life.