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Journal entries required for the film and novel To Kill a Mockingbird and Episodes of Modern family
Journal entries for every 5-6 chapters
Comment on 1-2 narrative conventions of the novel genre each time
N arrative Conventions are techniques used to tell a story to the reader.  Narrative Conventions include:
points of view,
1st person, 3rd person
descriptive language,

Guiding questions

Chapters 1-3:
What do we learn, in this chapter, about Harper Lee\'s view of the education system of the time? How do you view school?
What do we learn about Calpurnia\'s attitude to other people in this chapter?
What do we learn about Burris in particular and the Ewells in general in this chapter?
Why do so many people make up, read, or view gruesome and frightening stories?

Chapter 4-5
Why do people make fun of those who are different?
Chapter 7- 9
Chapters 7-9: Give examples of prejudice. Identify the most common types of prejudice in our community, in the U.S., and in the world. Explain why these types of prejudice are destructive.
What is the cause of Scout\'s outburst at the start of chapter 9?
Why shouldn\'t Atticus defend Tom Robinson Chpater 9?
Chapter 10

Why does Atticus say that ‘it\'s a sin to kill a mockingbird\' ?
Chapter 12
What is the significance of the First Purchase Church?
What new things does Scout learn about how the black people live?
Chapter 14
Why does Aunt Alexandra think Atticus should sack Calpurnia? What response does Atticus give to this?
Chapter 15
What is your definition of a MOB? How does mob behaviour differ from individual behavior? How would you handle an angry mob, as opposed to an angry individual?
What is the mob\'s purpose in being there?
RESEARCH TASK - find out about the Ku Klux Klan (Be ready to present your findings to the class)
Chapter 17
How might a) the white people and b) the coloured people respond to Bob Ewell\'s statement ‘I seen that black nigger yonder torrin\' on my Mayella\'
Chapter 17 and 18
How does Harper Lee create and sustain tension in these chapters?
Chapter 20
Atticus says that there is only one way in which all men are equal in America. What is it?
Chapter 24
Why does Atticus take Calpurnia with him?


Write about the importance of some of the families in T o K ill a M o c k i n g b i r d .
Write about:
How different characters in the novel are affected by their families
How the writer presents different families and their importance.
How does Harper Lee show Atticus to be a good parent? Write about:
• what he does
• what he says to Jem and Scout
• how the writer makes you think of Atticus as a good parent.

What\'s Happening
My Thinking
Brief Summary

Key events/facts/details

Key Quotations


New Vocabulary

Type of reading: Resistant reading or dominant reading?

Reader\'s reaction/opinions  supported with evidence 
from  the text

Why they\'re important/What\'s the author\'s message? What is the purpose of the text?

My thinking/interpretations  about the meaning or significance.

Text reference/In my head reference

What I know about the  word/how it connects to the text

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