My World, My Dreams, My Destiny

Everest University

My World, My Dreams, My Destiny
When I was about twelve years old I watched a man get shot and killed right in the door way of a friend’s house. He just lay there stiff without movement. Watching from my balcony I knew he was dead. No one was willing to speak to the police about what had happened. No one wanted to be labeled as the “snitch” or they had the fear of the killer coming after them next. But sense does it make to try to better our world if no one is willing to talk up or help out. Dreams are shaped by ideals and families shape the beliefs we grasp so strongly. Because my parents always pushed me to do better and learn all that I can I have acquired the passion to learn whatever I can. I always liked to solve puzzles and find solutions to problems so I decided to pursue a career in Criminal Justice here at Everest University. I returned to school to gain more knowledge on my selected career choice, to become a Crime Scene Investigator, and in search of a better life for my family and myself. Before signing up at Everest University I had been working in places where there was no room for growth and I had no passion for doing.
First, Education is one of the most important parts of one’s life. Not everyone goes to college right after high school. College is not intended for everyone. Criminal Justice is my area of study where I am learning the theories and practices of maintaining law and order, crime prevention strategies, corrections and probation, criminal evidence, and the justice system. In order to succeed in a selected career, you should always be aware of the terminology and rules and regulations that come with it. By me enrolling into school to further my education I am one step closer to knowing what I need to know and being where I want to be; a Crime Scene Investigator. I have taken classes such as Criminal Investigation where I learned the proper way to collect evidence from a crime scene, and Criminal Procedure and The Constitution where I learned about the State’s laws and proper procedures. Enrolling in these courses and so much more gives me a better opportunity to succeed in my selected career field opposed to someone who does not have this knowledge. Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator is my ultimate goal and I am on my way toward it.
Second, as a crime scene investigator, I will be in charge of cleaning up a crime scene and analyzing the data or information pertaining to it. A crime scene investigator is a professional who is trained to collect, preserve and process evidence at the scene of a crime. It is sort of like puzzle pieces being scattered everywhere, and you have to piece them together one by one. Being a CSI is a challenging and complex position, but it has its perks as far as pay. Salary for crime scene investigators differ significantly based on the industry in which they work. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that, as of May 2012, crime scene investigators earned a median annual salary of $94,800 if they worked for a federal governmental agency, compared with just $55,950 a year for local governments and $51,100 for state governments (Occupational, 2015).
Lastly, family is everything. This is where everything begins and where it ends. As I grew up, I watched my mom tire herself out working two jobs just to support my siblings and me. It is a struggle now a days with the economy the way it is to support even one child. The cost of living has gone up and will continue to do so with the globalization of society. I want to be able to support my son with ease and without the worry of whether my check will be enough to cover expenses. I want to be able to take care of my parents the way I watched them work so hard to take care of me. With this degree that I am aiming towards,