My Monologue Work

Who Am I?

The character I play (Roxy) seems like young lady roughly 25/26 years of age. She's been dating Derek for roughly 10 months and 22 days as mentioned in the play. The reason why I believe she is around that age is because she indicates that she is ready for whole commitment and marriage. Roxy seems like has everything in her life well put together in comparison to boyfriend (Derek) seems like he's much more immature and still must work on this in order to maintain a strong relationship with my character. My character Roxy seems like she's a bit too mature for spending the day at the theme park and dislikes rollercoasters. It may because she has decent job with other hobbies such as reading, and keeping an agenda of her overall day. My character gives of a feeling of a strong independent women ready to settle down and is looking for something serious in her partner.

What are my circumstances?

The play seems like its takes place during the summer specifically June/July. It takes place in a theme park with pre-teens and teenagers surrounding them during the ride, in the line waiting for the ride and around the theme park. This represents more of a laid back and being young type of vibe/atmosphere. The dialogues in the play my character uses to express her concerns of her boyfriend lacking maturity and the image of needing to grow up. In terms of my character's circumstances I can only assume that she seems as if she has recently just found out something about Derek seeing other woman or flirting with other women.

What are my Relationships?

The only person mentioned in this monologue is her boyfriend Derek. Derek seems like he used to be really important to my character in the beginning when they had first started dating however now it seems like she has lost interests and wants to move on with someone more serious. Derek character in my monologue gives of more of a laidback, chill and immature at times. However, he perceives his girlfriend Roxy my character as a woman who is serious about this relationship and wants to settle down which is why he decided to propose to her after she had vented to him on the rollercoaster.

What Do I want?

If I were to write the end of the scene I would defiantly end the scene differently. I would the scene of my character rejected the proposal. Reason being, my character seems like she's been tired of Derek playing games for at least the last few months till the event taking place on the rollercoaster. I believe if she accepts the proposal she will later on regret it because who knows Derek might go back to his old habits. In the monologue Derek, doesn't even seem to defend his actions as to why he's been "bumping cars" as Roxy vents to him. If he defended his actions I wouldn't have changed the ending scene but that is not case for this monologue.

What are my obstacles?

My obstacles for performing my monologue is being able to continue to say my dialogues while acting as if I am on a rollercoaster through-out the entire play. The conflict for me is psychologically I tend to forget my lines when everyone is watching.

What do I do to get what I want?
My behaviour for this play is the feeling of being emotionally abused by Derek. My tactics are to create urge Derek to tell me where this relationship is going.