My Life

HEA 285
Professor KK

Many people take their health for granted and underestimate the fact that at any given moment their life could be turned upside down. Good health is essential for everyday life and functions. Making sure we eat properly, sleep enough and exercise are just a few ways of improving and maintaining good health. Having good health not only affects ourselves but those around us too; family and friends. A lot of people find their life too busy for healthy food, sleep or exercise, but making the time is key to living longer and better lives. (Why health is important to my life, 1 paragraph)
(Define the 6 dimensions of health, 1-3 paragraphs, then explain why these 6 are important to strive by, 2 sentences)
(Give examples of how the health of America affects our country socially, economically and politically, (1-3 paragraphs)
(State what behavior I changed and how it related to your own lifestyle, (1 paragraph)
(Discuss how your new behavior could improve each of the 6 dimensions of health, 1-2 paragraphs)
(Reasons why I wanted to change this behavior, include warning signs or events that may have prompted your decision, 1-2 paragraphs)
(describe my overall goal, (1 paragraph)
Plan of Action
Brief Review of Literature