Jose Luis Martinez Jr. September 12, 2013

My hero

Being heroic is about helping others when they need it, and not asked to do it. They donít ask for a reward they do it for the feeling of helping others and the smiles on their faces. Being heroic means courage, kindness, humble, and gracious. I feel my parents have these traits along with me and I see them as being great people and great role models.

My choice of hero and heroine shows me how to be a good person and parent. I see the world as a place with so many disrespectful people. My hero shows me that not everyone has to be rude and disrespectful. People who show kindness, courage, and strength, like my parents, are my heroes.

I first met my hero and heroine face-to-face. My hero and heroine are and will always be my parents. They show me how true people of kindness, respect, strength, and perseverance. My parents help friends and family because they need help not for anything in return. They inspire me to be who they are and to always be respectful to others.

I think that we have changed from just telling stories around the campfire. We have evolved so much yet we are still evolving and I think in the future it would be more technology than printed books. We may still have printed books but people would most likely prefer e-readers.