Mozart vs. Beethoven

Ms. McSherry

Humanities 8452-1

12 February 2015

Mozart vs. Beethoven

During the eighteenth century, Mozart and Beethoven both were very famous and

talented composers in Europe. Their music made influential and significant impact on general

music. The two composers are considered the most popular composers in the classical style. Both

of them were innately talented for music, and before they started to compose, their lives as

musicians started with learning instruments. They both worked in Vienna, Austria, and even

Beethoven had a lesson from Mozart whom Beethoven admired a lot. Even though, they both

successfully became famous composers and had great impacts on music during the time, they

have a lot of differences. Their backgrounds, music styles, and the ways they lived are very


Mozart was raised by his affluent parents who gave him music lessons and taught him

how to play instruments since he was very young. He even composed his first piece at the age of

5. His supportive family gave him a lot of opportunities to become a successful musician. In

addition to his innate talent, his family helped him becoming more talented and successful.

Generally, his music is known for being very simple, bright, and comfortable to listen. Also,

since his music was not too complicated, it was not too hard for instrument players to play.

Unfortunately, he died of a disease at the age of 35.

Unlike Mozart, Beethoven was not really raised by a peaceful and stable family. His

father was alcoholic and sometimes physically disciplined Beethoven for not practicing what he

was supposed to practice. Since his past was not too fortunate, he was usually in a gloomy mood.

His music, unlike that of Mozart, was usually darker and harder for others to play. Unfortunately,

he later became a deaf, but he was still performing and composing great music.

I believe that Mozart was little more successful and prolific because Mozart had a stable

and supportive background that successfully made him talented, and even Beethoven was

inspired by Mozartís music. Mozartís music was very influential and impacted a lot of other

composers and musicians. He also had many successful operas which the loyal class loved.

Although, I believe that Mozart was more successful, Mozart and Beethoven both are still

considered as the greatest composers in the world.