Motivation Essay

Mrs. Yates

Psychology, per 1


Motivation Essay

If I could accomplish any goal I would start a garage band that writes a hit song every

month. The name of my band is would be “Three Car Pile Up”. I would the drummer and my

name Fig. In the band we would have a lead singer, a lead guitar player, bass player, electric

pianist, an electric violinist, and triangle player.

I would like to reach this goal because I want to rise to the top and become the best rock

band of all time. rise to the top and become the best rock band of all time. My band music would

serenade and seduce women all over the world. Are hit songs would be Seducing Satan, the

Devils Three some, and The Devils Crotch.

What is keeping me from this goal is that I don’t know how to play the drums and I do

not have a band. In the fourth grade I could barely play the recorder. I also don’t really know that

many musically talented people.

If by chance I do make a band and become successful in ten year from now I picture

myself living in a castle, surrounded by lots beautiful women, and lots of pile of money behind

me. I think if this was to happen to me I would be the happiest person in the world.