Morath, E. (Oct. 29, 2015). U.S. Growth Cools in Third Quarter. The Wall Street Journal .
Economic Growth
The author in this article wanted to write about the growth of U.S. economy in 2015. He analyzed the growth of the economy in third quarter. His focus is mainly on how or the way the economy fared in the third quarter of the year 2015. He highlights the struggle to break out of the slow-growth phase that hit the economy and plagued economic expansion. The author has used statistics to bring home his point. The use of statistics makes the article reliable and valid. The second quarter of the economic growth was, according to the author marked by deceleration. The author goes ahead to point out some of the things that caused this deceleration.
One of t he factors that the author claims as being responsible for slow economic growth is the disappointing sales that caused some industries to slow production hence thinning the stores\' stockpiles. The disappointing sales were caused by the increase in consumer outlays in the third quarter. However, this was also driven by purchases of long-lasting goods and cars.
Another factor that caused the slow economic growth according to the article is lower gasoline prices, which the author says that it has supported inflation-adjusted incomes. An economist says that there has been stabilization of gasoline prices, slow gains in employment and lack of hourly wages to take off.
The author also uses this unspectacular overall growth to highlight the worry that the economic growth could be losing steam . After painting this picture, the author goes ahead to discuss what this trend will spark in the minds of the Federal Reserve officials. The author in this case says that the next policy making meeting will discuss on the rate increase.