Mollie who representing the petit bourgeoisie that fled from Russia a couple of years after the Russian Revolution is the vain, offbeat horse who pulls Mr. Jones' carriage. Mollie hungers for the consideration of people and adores being prepped and spoiled. She has a troublesome time with her new life on Animal Farm, as she misses wearing strips in her mane and eating sugar shapes.
Different to Boxer, who dependably considers others, Mollie is a shallow materialist who doesn't look after the battles of her kindred creatures. Her first appearance in the novel recommends her identity when she enters the meeting at last, chewing on sugar and sitting in the front so that the others will have to see the red ribbons she wears in her mane. Her exclusive worries about the upset are ones incited by her sense of self: When she inquires as to whether they will even now have sugar and ribbons after the rebellion, she double-crosses the contemplations of old Major and uncovers her vanity. She is hushed off the manor by the possibility of more material belonging than she could appreciate in a creature represented world, denoting her as one to whom governmental issues and battle amount to nothing.
The animal farm theme that Mollie most likely belongs to is the Soviet Union. Even though she is not a strong supporter of the Soviet Union, she could not care less. She would follow anyone who would have promised her sugar cubes and ribbons, that she cannot live without it. As she represents the lower middle class, she would not want to be equal with all the other animals as that would mean she'd have to work harder and give up her extra leeway and popularity to stoop down to the others levels. At first, she was able to stand it, but after her set time she had enough. She wanted to feel special over the others and her addiction got the best of her with seeing herself betraying the manor farm and running back to the shadow of the Soviet Union (a similar farm). This idea could also be linked to the theme of corruption as she did betray the farm and go to a different fam for more power over the animals in the sense of being loved.
The final theme that is represented in Mollie is the idea of class warfare. She thinks that she was better than everyone else because she was treated specially under the care of Mr jones but did not show a sign of loyalty to him with going along with the rebellion, but her first question to snowball was whether she could still have her luxuries in life and still stay above the others not understanding that everyone was supposed to be equal. Once she found out that that was the case, she was the first and only animal to leave because of a disagreement of her social class being lowered to equal the others, she was an animal that wanted change for the sake of the others, but did not want to sacrifice her belongings to do that. She used that as an excuse to not work as hard as the other animals and finally as a reason for betraying the farm to keep her class.