There are many ways Microsoft Office, which include-Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, can help me in my future career. Not knowing how to use widely-used products could greatly hinder my chances at success. These tools can make many different tasks and projects simple and easy. Think back of how hard it was just two decades ago to do presentations like we do today using PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations have made it so we can make our point of view appealing to a wide range of people with minimal effort. Excel has made doing all sorts of organizing tasks so much easier, and the wide range of tasks it supports is indeed numerous. Microsoft word has made writing documents and letters in business format so much easier. And more accessible from a click of a button.
“Microsoft Office is the most widely-used productivity suite in the world and that’s not for nothing. It tends to work. Of the millions that own the software however, a scarce few are probably fully aware of what power lay beneath their fingertips.” (Boundless, 2014).
Try thinking back to two decades ago, if anyone had an idea for a new product or a new way to do business and wanted to present this what would they have done? In order to do a presentation on this, the task would have been an overwhelming one. With only some writing material- pens, pencils, paper, and a typewriter- one would have been required to make a presentation on the various subjects. One of the only means that is like PowerPoint would have been a screen projector, which is rather makeshift compared to the PowerPoint we have today. With PowerPoint I can add facts, pictures, graphics, and sounds that make the presentation look very professional and fun.
“Microsoft Excel is a program that is found within the Microsoft Office Suite of computer programs that are meant to make life easier for both individuals as well as businesses of all sizes.” Excel has a wide range of useful functions like spread sheets for almost everything that requires organization! Making different charts, graphs, budgets, and much more (Ruparel, 2014). Excel allows me to unlock the potential of my data, by using formulas across a grid of cells. I can use pie charts, graphs and clustered columns to add meaning to data, which otherwise may just exist as row after row of numbers.

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