MGT 445 Negotiation Paper

Miami School District Negotiation Paper
The Miami school district has had an unexpected increase in enrollment. This unexpected increase has forced them to re-evaluate the upcoming year’s school boundaries. The Miami school district has hired experts to redraw the school boundaries. The new plan means that many students will not be able to remain in their present schools. Parents are upset by this and have voiced their concerns and objections to the proposed plan. The Miami school board will have to educate the parents about the need for the new boundaries and the consequences if the new boundaries are not established. The forthcoming paragraphs will evaluate the parents concerns and ways the board plans to address the various concerns and issues.
Quality of Education
Parents are concerned that the quality of their children’s education will be compromised by the new plan. Parents argue that their children are established in their current schools, with their current classmates, and moving them will be disruptive to their learning. Many parents have chosen the schools their children are currently attending, and purposely purchased homes in the area because they wanted their children to attend the schools in the area. Parents are concerned that the faculty in the other schools may not be as good or as qualified as the current schools. Parents of high school aged children entering their senior years are upset that the students will have to change schools during their senior year possibly affecting scholarships and the academic grade point averages of the students. Additionally, the students will not be able to graduate with many of their friends they have gone through high school with.
Increased Travel Time
Parents are concerned about the added travel time their children will endure due to attending the new schools. Parents whose children normally walked to and from school will ride buses to and from school each day. Parents are upset and believe the new boundaries compromise their children’s safety. High school students will be driving further, adding to their chances of being involved in car accidents, and increasing car insurance rates.
Crossing Economic and Cultural Boundaries
Parents are concerned about their children attending schools with less fortunate children, in a neighboring area. Parents selected the area they are residing in for many reasons, of which included the economic and cultural diversity of the area. Parents do not believe the board has the right to force their children to attend the schools in the neighborhood less fortunate than the one they reside in. Parent’s fear inferior or prejudiced treatment towards their children, and that the students will not receive the quality of education they currently obtain. The parent’s believe the schools will not have the same resources as the schools in the current neighborhood. Parents are also concerned that the influence of gang and drug activity will be higher in the new schools and their children will be peer pressured into becoming involved in these inappropriate behaviors. Effect on Property Values
The new school boundaries could also have an adverse effect on property value in the neighborhood. The homes are upper-middle-class, with part of their value based on the quality of schools in the area. Potential buyers will be less likely to purchase a home in the area, because, of the risk of their children not being able to attend the schools in the neighborhood. A drop in people interested in buying in the area will lower property values since the general population in the area are young families raising children. Purchasing a home for young families includes purchasing that home in a quality school district. Potential buyers may begin to look for homes elsewhere.

Social Affects on Children
Parents are concerned of the socially adverse affects on their children due to the new school boundaries. The neighboring schools are located in areas that are not as affluent as those in the current neighborhood are. Neighboring schools have higher instances of truancy, behavioral issues, lower average grades, and more gang type behaviors. Parents are fearful, if their children must move into these schools of what the negative influences will be and what impact they will have on their children and families.
School Board Develops a Plan
The Miami district school board has received numerous letters and phone calls concerning the new school boundaries. The complaints have been so many, that the board knows they