Andrew c English
Professor Tran
Social Media
October 19, 2015
Media Paper: Xbox
Video Games has become one of Americaís biggest past times. Everywhere you look from phones, to portable devices, and more recently from the comfort of oneís own living room. Xbox is the leading seller for gaming console devices. In 2014 it was reported that more than 10 million Xbox One consoles have been shipped and sold through to retailers. While the PlayStation 4 only has reportedly about 6 million consoles. Now why does this happen? PlayStation and Xbox are pretty much the same thing when it comes to gaming consoles. Just one is made by Microsoft and the other by Sony. What it all comes down to is the way each company markets itself. Plus with new advancements in technology and different options in the media, itís no wonder why Xbox is the on the top of the gaming world.
Media is changing the world as we know it. If you were to look at a picture from a 1950ís subway in New York, you would see almost everyone in the subway reading a newspaper. Present day, 65 years later, newspapers have switched smartphones. Now when you look at what that person is doing on their phone maybe youíll see them scrolling through Facebook, just play a simple video game, or check their Xbox Console back home from the palm of their hand. Xbox has come out with an app for iPhone and Android phones which allows you to keep track your online profile. It also allows you to make purchases from the Xbox Live Marketplace with exclusive offers that you can only get from your phone. Now to the non-gamer type person this app is pretty much a waste of time. However to the diehard Xbox gamer, this app is a miracle sent from heaven. Xbox has made a way for me to check my console from my phone and also have access to exclusive online deals that could only be bought from my phone. Not only does that make someone want to buy more things for Xbox but that also encourages one to play even more Xbox when one finally gets home. On the other hand different media apps such Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Xbox uses these three social media websites the most due to the fact that usually every person with a smart phone has a profile to at least one of these apps/websites. Xbox uses these websites to promote new games, give advice on any problems with the console, and to just post pictures about events that happened or coming up. These websites are ran by the marketing Microsoft team. Their job is to keep Xbox users interested and get more people to come over to Xbox. With pictures, videos, and messages that keep gamers on the prowl for the next big thing coming out. When video games or next generation consoles are releasing for the Xbox, thereís only one place you can go to and thatís the E3. The E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the biggest annual trade for the video games industry. It is used by many video game publishers and accessory manufacturers to reveal and advertise their upcoming games and game-related merchandise. Therefore when Xbox wants or needs to raise awareness on the next big Xbox only things coming out, E3 is the place to go.
Xbox is leading in the most consoles sold and has the most new memberships made per year. Now how can this be? People love free things. And With PlayStation the internet is free. Compared to Xbox where you have to pay 60 dollars a year to even get online to access Xbox Live. A big reason for this is because Xbox ensures their customers that they are paying for the best and most secure network for online gaming. A couple years ago, Xbox showed how important a firewall was and proved that their firewall worked thoroughly. Which made people switch from PlayStation to Xbox. Even though this wasnít a planned marketing idea from Xbox, they took full advantage of the situation. In 2011 the PlayStation Network outrage was the result of an external intrusion on Sonyís PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. The hacking attack occurred between