Math 1025
Portfolio #2 Reflections
To receive full credit, you must answer each question completely as well as write complete sentences.
2.5When two variables are related, what does it mean to say that one is the independent variable and one is the dependent variable? Explain and give an example.
When two variables are related, what it means to say is that one dependent and the other is independent, which means one solely depends on the other but the other can stand on it's own. The independent can stand alone and cannot be affected by any variable. The independent variable can change based on the independent but the dependent variable cannot change.

2.7Summarize each step of Polya's problem solving strategy in your own words.

The first step of polya's problem is to get an idea or understand what the problem means.
The second step is to come out with a plan on how to solve the problem, which is to either draw
a picture, pattern or solve the equation and use graph if given.
The next plan is to put your plan into action or practice until the problem is completely solved.
The last step is to go back and check your work which means checking to see if your answers
are correct and if there are no mistakes in the method used to solve the problem.

2.8How does the work we did in analyzing the rental car article connect to making decisions in your life? What do you think the point of this lesson is?

To be sure on how to spend or be wise in how we use money because no matter what we decide to
choose, it all perform the same function. We get to make decisions that are unnecessary in life but
with this will help if we decide to do the most important things in our life.

What exactly is an equation and how does it differ from an inequality?
An equation is a mathematical way of saying that two or more expressions are equal and it
differs from an inequality because an inequality shows that there is no equality in whatever
problem is given or is being observed, which means there is difference in either the amount
given or the ratio.

3.1If someone says that the point of graphing is plotting points and connecting the dots, how would you explain to them how very wrong that they are?
Because the point of graphing is not as easy as they think it is. We can't just connect dots and
Say we are done or finished. We need to graph it well, put every number where it belongs and
also locate the x and y axis and which number is the axis and which number the y axis is in
order to make sure every number goes to it right place before plot and then connect and then
observe the direction, the trend.

Explain in your own words what the slope of a line is. You should discuss both what it means graphically, and what the practical significance is.
Graphically the slope of a line means finding the change in y based on a unit change in x the practical significance is that it shows the rate at which a change in the x value gives a change in the y value

Describe the connection between the graph of a line and how we use the line's equation to solve problems like the pizza party problem. How would you find the solution of a graph?
Solve your problem using your own method and you check to see if it matches that of the graph. Then you can use it to determine the solution to the graph.

3.5Describe what you learned about weight gained and loss from the Group portion of this section.
If we need to draw a graph with weight gained and loss, we have to first the starting weight,
how many weights one gain in every month and how it is reducing or increasing.

3.6Does the line of best fit provide useful information about every pair of data set? Explain.
It translates the data into a linear equation that is easy to work with. For example, if it is hours
and money,