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Report prepared by:
Abdulla Abdulqader Al- Attas (G1430873)

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1.1.What opportunities Microsoft missed or what did Microsoft do wrong? PAGEREF _Toc446759271 \h 3
1.2.What Microsoft should have done? PAGEREF _Toc446759274 \h 4
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2.1.What Opportunities Dell Missed Or What Did Dell Do Wrong? PAGEREF _Toc446759277 \h 6
2.2.What Dell should have done to avoid this crisis? PAGEREF _Toc446759278 \h 7
3.Intel PAGEREF _Toc446759279 \h 9
3.1.What Opportunities Intel Missed Or What Did Intel Do Wrong? PAGEREF _Toc446759281 \h 9
3.2.What Intel should have done to avoid or overcome this crisis? PAGEREF _Toc446759282 \h 10
4.AT&T Mobility PAGEREF _Toc446759283 \h 11
4.1.What Opportunities AT&T Missed Or What Did AT&T Do Wrong? PAGEREF _Toc446759285 \h 11
4.2.What AT&T should have done to avoid or overcome this crisis? PAGEREF _Toc446759286 \h 12
5.Virgin America PAGEREF _Toc446759291 \h 13
5.1.What Opportunities Virgin America Missed Or What Did Virgin America Do Wrong? PAGEREF _Toc446759297 \h 13
5.2.What Virgin America should do to avoid or overcome this crisis? PAGEREF _Toc446759299 \h 13
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Microsoft Corporation
In 1975, a Harvard drop-out had a vision to see Microsoft operating system software on every personal computer desktop. Today, Microsoft has accumulated an impressive portfolio of resources, alliances, global operations, customers and critics. That made Microsoft being listed in the Fortune 100 and dominated the operating system world and a leader in multiple industries.
Microsoft core business is to manufacture, license, and supports software products for computing devices and games solutions. Both Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Suit are the most profitable products. Since the 1990's, it is the most profitable IT company worldwide with 93,000 employees and supported by a strong partnership with the likes of IBM and HP, to progressively dominated the home computer and enterprise operating system market. Microsoft has also entered the computer hardware market under home entertainment products such as the Xbox 360, TV cable MSNBC. The company's initial public stock offering (IPO) was in 1986; the ensuing rise of the company's stock price has made four billionaires and an estimated 12,000 millionaires from Microsoft employees.
While the initial start of Microsoft was impressive, however for the past 10 years it has missed many opportunities to maintain that leadership position, particularly when Bill gates stepped down from being Microsoft CEO and passed the helm to Steve Ballmer.

What opportunities Microsoft missed or what did Microsoft do wrong?
There are many opportunities that Microsoft has missed, however, we have highlighted the key products that if Microsoft made the right strategy on the products below, those other opportunities would have followed since they can be considered as added value to these key products.

While, Microsoft dominance reached to a level that every screen will flash its logo and virtual desktop on every computer devices. This was mainly contributed by creating a strong partnership with major computer and server makers (hardware maker). That strategy lasted until mobile device started taking customers eyes from computer screens away. Customers have developed a new lifestyle to smartphone devices rather than having 15-inch laptops to access their corporate or personal emails and to do their tasks and it was replaced by a 6-inc device using a single hand.
The smartphones threat to the personal computer is growing by about 50 percent annually. Previous Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had Windows Mobile on the market way back, but it was never a great product. Ballmer also struck a late partnership with Nokia, and the product has some neat advantages but it all smacks of too little, too late.

Before Amazon and Apple introduced (kindle and iPad, respectively), Microsoft introduced to the market e-book software back in 2000. However, the screens during that time were not easy on the eye to read for hours, until Amazon introduced Kindle with a light screen to read e-books.

One of Microsoft greatest competitors Apple was on the brink of closure until it introduced iTunes and iPod, which was a platform to download legal music and share it. Apple took what they learned from