Mass Media Effect

The Effect Mass Media has on America


What would the world do without media? Mass media has not only taken over America, but the whole world. The way we receive mail, gossip about the hottest celebrities, or even the different ways we can hear the president’s speech, have all changed in a drastic way over the last 100 years. The effect that mass media has had on America has its pros and cons, but nonetheless, we could not live without it.
The radio was surprisingly the first media outlet to make a boom in America. Gugliemo Marconi actually created the first radio called the “wireless telegraph” in 1895. The object he used to transmit sounds waves through mores code is now called a radio. The newspaper was first printed in Boston on September 25, 1690. It was edited by Benjamin Harris and printed by Richard Pierce. This was how people received news about what was going on around the world and how they were kept up to date with the latest scandals. The television was created in London in the 1920’s, but the television was not actually introduced to the United States until the late 1940’s. The internet was created in the United Kingdom by Tim Berners-Lee in the 1980’s. It was not popular in America until the mid-1990’s. The internet and the television have to be the two most watched and used source of media. Allowing people to use their mobile device to access media is the most important way media has evolved.
The radio is used for so many things. Although the radio may be dying out, it still holds a permanent spot in America’s heart. People listen to audio books on the radio and music. People check the weather, win contest, hear the traffic report, and even have in-depth conversations through the radio. The newspaper, also slowly dwindling away, was the very first tabloid. It reported crimes and scandals nobody wanted to be leaked. Anything that a reporter heard that sounded juicy and could possibly cause some controversy went on the front page. Now the television, also called the TV, is still one of the most popular ways to receive media. With the press of a button and thousands of channels, it is now the modern way to get the news. The TV offers not only news, but entertainment that can keep an individual occupied for hours. The internet allows one to browse websites, read/post blogs, watch videos, know all the hottest celebrity news and even help with school work. The internet is the quickest way to find out information about anything ever imagined.
Media convergence is the evolution of IT and its connection to computing and how media has been enhanced on the internet. As stated before, the internet is used for everything and media is on the top of the list. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram make the internet a must have in all homes and now even in restaurants, airplanes, hotels, and bookstores. Without media, the internet would still be popular but not to the extent it is now. All the websites named before were not as advanced as they are now. They each have upgraded their sites with a broader platform for media. With videos, picture, open blogs, and news reports, the internet and media go hand in hand.
When it comes to the effect that mass media has had on America, only thing that can be said and that is it has taken over completely. It has taken our minds and even our bodies. The radio is slowly dying because people can now go on their mobile devices and read, or watch what is happening. Everything is evolving so fast and America does not know what is coming next. This is why media literacy is so important in media consumption today. Not everything heard or seen is true and somethings may be decieveing in the media and culd get someone harmed. Being mindful and taking safety precautions will help lower the chances of anyone getting harmed. Even with all the pros mass media has on America, there are still cons, but America just cannot get enough.

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