Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Questions 1-4
September 24TH 2015

1. Using your Everyday Encounters textbook as your reference, provide a brief description of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in your own words. Explain briefly how communication helps us meet our needs (3 pts.).

I believe we need communication in everyday life, it’s how we survive. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs starts with what I think is important, self-esteem needs are what we need to respect ourselves, to be values and to be respected by others. We strive for self-confidence in everyday life, we want to be better than we were yesterday. That’s how we communicate to ourselves to grow and succeed.

2. Select one of the eight needs on the hierarchy. Provide a definition of that need (3 pt.). The rest of the assignment will focus on this need

Self-esteem needs are most important, they are competence, approval and recognition.
-Competence is having suitable or sufficient skills, knowledge, and experience
-Approval is valuing and respecting ourselves and being valued and respected
by others. We communicate through our mind to respect our selves
-Recognition is confirmation that another person exists, we do this by non-verbal
Behaviours such as a smile or a touch or even verbally by saying things such as
“Hello” “nice to meet you”.

3. Reflect on a time when you used interpersonal communication in order to meet that need. Explain the situation, who was involved, what you and the other person or people communicated, and how your need was met (6 pts.)

When I decided to come out as gay, I had to communicate with my family to let them
Who I was. I was so nervous to talk but once I started speaking I was calm. My family sat
there and listened then reassured me that it was ok that they love and respect me no matter
what. Communicating helped meet my needs by putting self confidence in myself.

4. Consider your future workplace (i.e. addictions) where you will work with clients from different walks of life. Provide an example of a situation in which you will use communication to help someone meet the need you selected (6 pts.).

Becoming a counsellor if someone came to me with a situation like mine they were having a hard time coming out to their family, I would tell them about my experience about coming out to my family because I have that knowledge. I then would make sure they are confident in themselves that they would have the approval they need from their parent (example: are they comfortable with other people who are gay) I then would ask the client if they respect them self well enough to be sure that this is what they want. I would make sure he recognises that I am understanding and listening well too him by showing empathy for them. Communication allows your voice to be heard. .