Marketing Strategy Recommendation

Marketing Strategy Recommendation
Reed supermarkets seems to be experiencing a new wave of competitors which is a problem that needs to be addressed. In this essay, I am going to provide marketing strategies recommendations which would help Reed supermarkets from this challenge. The marketing strategies recommendations are discussed below.
The first thing for Reed supermarkets to do is to partner with their friends in the business. There are many marketing partnerships benefits which help in pushing a marketing campaign. For businesses, when they collaborate with other businesses, they tend into delivering better content(Ferell 218). To add on this, marketing partnerships are seen as cheaper in increasing, exposing business’ brand to a new market and bring success more quickly.
Another marketing strategy recommendation which Reed supermarkets should factor in is that they should embrace user generated content. According to one survey which was conducted of 839 millennials, it showed that they spend approximately 5.4 hours in a day with the content created by their peers. This has represented a 30 percent of their total time in media and has been rivalled only of the traditional types of media while being combined that is television, radio, and print at 33 percent. You can be able into achieving this through having customers into sharing personal stories, exchanging their ideas, give them the tools for making an advertisement for you or through humour(Ferell 210).
In the marketing strategies recommendations to help out Reed supermarkets, they should also help customers to solving their problems. As it was perfectly stated by Hubspot that one is in business for the reason of providing solutions to their customers or their clients. Some ways in which one can help customers into solving their problems is through responding or listening to your community, or in creating tools or applications which resolve a problem, giving exclusive offers which make customers lives’ easier and through creating how to content. The business should also create some campaigns just like Orca Chevrolet did which is located in Brazil(Ferell 218). The company partnered with local tow company and they were able to rescue stranded drivers in arriving in new Orca. Not only did they save the day but they were also able to help in giving drivers chance into test driving the car.
In the marketing strategies recommendations to help out Reed supermarkets, they should allow the customers to interact. No matter the service or the product which one is offering, their customers want to interact with one’s company, or the very least of other customers. An example is AMC, which created an online tool which allowed you the “man made yourself”(Ferell 220). Small business owners are connected by the American Express to each other and to some helpful resources by its open forum.
Another marketing strategy recommendation which Reed supermarkets should employ is to experiment with the new channels and platforms. Business should not hesitate in trying out some new channels and platforms into promoting your brand. As the editor of chief Content officer magazine, Clare McDermott, who is the owner of Solo Portfolio, he points out that on the Content Marketing Institute, that the Fours seasons that they introduced the Pin.Pack.Go program to Pinterest(Ferell 230). This first campaign of the industry, he helped in allowing guests into co-curate customer travel itinerary by a Pinterest board.
In conclusion, these marketing strategy recommendation when employed by Reed supermarkets would help in solving their problem. Other marketing strategies would involve; allowing your customers to be your biggest brand advocates and champions; and not forgetting the existing customers though it’s still important in obtaining new customers(Ferell 230).
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