Marita Golden is bringing up the idea if you read more you will become a stronger writer. The major argument that she is creating is that if you read more in-depth readings you will enhance your writing skills which will make an individual a stronger writer. Golden talks about how readers now tend to read things like blog posts and social media posts rather than reading in-depth novels and other challenging materials. She says that this shows in her student's papers that they don't understand that the topics they are covering have already been wr itten about time and time again. I feel as though as if this interview has a lot of truth behind it. The more that I read, the better writer I become. Reading in-depth articles helps expand my vocabulary and m y knowledge on different topics. Reading also opens me up to different writing styles.
This text would've been easier to understand if I had more background knowledge on Marita Golden to understand her background and why she chose to be such a strong reader. She answers this question, but her response was vague. I wish I knew more about her upbringing and how her parents raised her, and whether they put more emphasis on her white culture or black culture.
Overall, the author uses personal experiences to bring attention to the fact that this generation is a group of poor writers. Their lack of reading shows in their lack of ability to write in-depth papers and other writings.