Many of these European countries are worthy of being a part of the EU and it is hard to choose between the candidates. But in my eyes I think the country Macedonia, has made the most effort to become a part of the EU because of their progress, and changes they have made.
Macedonia has made incredible progress and changes over the years such as police reform, tackling corruption and bolstering human rights. With police reform, Macedonia is able to maintain a healthy and protective community along with tackling corruption. Another big factor is human rights, because without citizens, a country is nothing. So with the nation's people on its side, Macedonia is able to be a united and strong country.
Although Macedonia can have some rough edges such as boycotting and election violence, they have it under control and are fixing them quickly and efficiently.
As I said before, I think that many of these countries are worthy of being a part of the EU but on the other hand, I also think that some of these countries don't. For example, I think that Turkey still needs time to improve in political and health spots to be worthy of the EU.
Turkey is not a bad country overall, but it can use a bit of tweaking from corruption, negotiations, human rights, and violence. Airports are closed, there are tensions with Cyprus, So far only 13 of Turkey's 35 negotiating chapters have been opened, and only one has been closed , the negotiations have been overshadowed by concerns about freedom of speech and democracy in Turkey, treatment of religious minorities, women's and children's rights, and c ivilian control of the military. These are all things that can potentially lead up to a bad country and I think that turkey is a long way from joining the EU. But, with a time and a lot of effort, Turkey can turn out to be a good country.