Makayla Fails
Ms. Jimisha Releford
English 104
21 October 2015
The Language of Dentistry
What is language? Language, in relation to literature, includes the tone, the attitude, the structure, the mood, the word choice, and many other characteristics of a piece of writing that the author chooses to use. The language of a text plays a large role in the reader's perception. The author must choose his or her language based on the subject that is being talked about, the purpose of the piece, and the audience in which the author is trying to reach. This can be difficult at times because certain subjects may be hard to discuss with certain audiences. For instance, it might be hard for somebody who studies in the medical field to discuss a medical based topic with another person who is not involved in the medical field. In the article, Pregnancy and Oral Health, Dr. Bimstein and Dr. Katz use common diction, informative language, and an organized structure in order to inform future parents about the differences that become of oral health during the time of pregnancy. The language in which these doctors chose to use is effective in a way that it is easy to understand, factual, and orderly.
One factor that makes this piece effective is the use of common diction. Bimstein and Katz are trying to reach out to those who are interested in dentistry and future parents, but mostly pregnant women. If they were to use a whole bunch of medical terms throughout the article, their audience would not be able to understand or comprehend what is being stated. Instead of writing as if they were addressing other doctors, they took the approach of writing for someone who has never had anything to do with the medical field. There would be no point in releasing the article if it did not do its job and help the intended audience. Although these doctors did use a couple of medical terms, when they did, they also included definitions. For instance, Dr. Bimstein and Dr. Katz were talking about dental professionals, and they mentioned, "pediatric dentist (specialist in children's dentistry)" (Bimstein & Katz 1). Even for a simple term, that most people know of if they plan to be parents, these doctors still provided a definition. They really wanted their information to be received by their audience with ease. Also, if they would have made the language a little more difficult to understand, it might get to the point where it would not be that people could not comprehend the text, but it would be that they just did not feel like reading it. If the text is easier to read, then people will be more willing to read it, and it will therefore be more effective.
In order to fulfill the purpose of their article, Dr. Bimstein and Dr. Katz chose to use an informative tone and language. Informative writing is used to strictly educate and provide an explanation on a specific topic. This is exactly what these doctors did. They used their article to educate and inform their audience on oral health during pregnancy. The article is pure facts with no opinionated statements. When Bimstein and Katz stated, "Daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste will also strengthen teeth against decay. It is also vitally important to maintain oral and dental health by visiting your dentist regularly during pregnancy," (2) they a completely informative tone. They did not make any suggestions for any specific person nor sis they use any opinion. These doctors simply let the audience know a piece of information. What the audience chooses to do with it is solely up to them. The benefit of this is that one is less likely to receive false information. For example, if the article had a more opinionated approach, yes, it might be more entertaining, but it would not be completely accurate. When it comes to writing in the medical field, it is important to have accurate information. The medical world is al about having multiple questions and getting accurate answers back. If it was not for the medical accuracy, there would be a lot of lost lives. This also makes the text effective because the reader knows that the