"Macbeth" is primarily a play in which good triumphs over evil. To what extent so you agree?
PLAN- Main contention: That evil easily overpowers good to a certain extent however in the end good wins. Introduction- William Shakespeare - Early 16th century - downfall of great warrior- TS1 - The influences of the witches manipulated the noble Macbeth- TS2 - Ambition and desire took over lady Macbeth and Macbeth and turned them evil- TS3 - Macbeth (evil) falls against Macduff at the end (good) - Linking sentence: Shakespeare ultimately demonstrates that the destructive nature of evil eventually surrenders to the light of goodness. Body paragraph 1 - Characters: - Witches - Comparison with Lady Macbeth (both use manipulation and deception)- Plot events: Witches giving false prophecies to Macbeth, which manipulated Macbeth, fueled his ambitions which destroyed the nobleness within Macbeth. - Themes: Ambition, manipulation, deception- Historical context: How witches were viewed as "instruments of darkness" and King James' interest in this satanic shit which led Shakespeare to writing about this.- Literary techniques: - imagery of where the witches met - Witches tone
Body Paragraph 2 - Characters: - Lady Macbeth and Macbeth - Comparing the evilness in Lady Macbeth with kind Lady Macduff - Even though Lady Macduff (good) got killed, her husband Macduff ultimately killed Macbeth. - Comparing Banquo and Macbeth, Banquo didn't listen to witches thus evil did not take over him but Macbeth did so evil did take over him. - Plot events: mentioned above- Themes: