Love in university life

ALI 150-04

Prof. C. Stammler

February 13th

, 2014

ďLove in university lifeĒ

Having always lived in India, I spent the first seventeen years of my life under my parentsí

guidance until I had to leave for a country on the side of the globe, literally. After my parents

came to Long Beach and got me settled in my room, they went back to India leaving me

here with two boys whom I had never known in my life, who were now going to be my

roommates for the coming 10 months. This essay is a summary of me, a young introverted

boy experiencing love for the first time in my new university life and how I dealt with it.

I had no idea that in this hustle of settling down at a new university in a new country, I

would start liking a girl so much that I would be thinking of her all day, every day. But I

didnít know what I had to do about it. I did not know if should man up and voice my liking

for her to her before itís too late or just keep quiet and leave this on our destiny.

Living in the dorms introduced me to the concept of sharing a room with people of my age.

I had never cohabitated in such a small space with three people before. I didnít know my

roommates or anyone in this university. I had thought that my roommates were shy of talking

to new people of completely different background. But I started attempting to talk to them as

I did not know anybody else apart from them then. I got to know about their interests, their

likes and dislikes. However, I did not like their sleeping habits. They would sleep in the day

and stay awake all night when everyone else was sleeping. This was a pain at times because

I couldnít study properly in the dark. I wanted to talk to him about the problems I have been

having with them but I was too afraid to talk to them. The fact that I was a shy person only

added to the communication barrier that already existed because of our cultural differences.

They were different from me and because of the difference in our cultures and religion, it

was difficult for us to get along. I had never imagined I would have deal with racist behavior

after having heard about such good things about the American culture prior to coming to the

United States. However uncomfortable I was, I never voiced my opinions to them about their

messiness and about them having thoughts about me just because I was an Indian.

Anyway, so after a few weeks of solitary confinement with just my roommate for company,

I had started hanging out in the multi-purpose hall, or known as the common hall. Initially,

I was just a person sitting awkwardly in a room full of people. Then slowly when I started

talking to people I learnt that itís not too difficult to make new friends in a different country.

Itís just the first urge that is difficult. Slowly and steadily I got more and more conformable

with people here. I also got to know that most of the people here actually love Indians and

wished to know more about them and their culture. This made me more confident because I

knew that it was just my roommates that were slightly hesitant to talk to Indians and it was

not something that everyone else followed too. I then started talking to new people and would

just walk up to them and start talking to them because I started to know how things work


I wouldnít have got to know about social etiquettes as much as I did, had I been living off

campus with my cousin who studies at the same university. Dorm life has its own advantages

and disadvantages. Itís way easy to make friends while living the dorm life as compared

to living off campus because the dorms built me a good circle of friends by the end of my

first semester that I would have been unlikely to meet on a campus of 40,000 other students.