Lord of the Flies
Last Summer I spent a week in my Aunts cabin in northern Minnesota. One afternoon while
swimming with my cousins in the lake, I had found a unique clam shell. It was silvery and rainbow like on
the inside and creamy white on the outside. My little cousins enjoyed looking and playing with it the
remaining part of the week. When it was time to leave they both wanted to keep the shell. The wanted to
claim power over it by saying ?It?s mine!!? To resolve this dilemma I took the shell and tossed it far into
the water. This action seemed to resolve the problem between the two boys, but then they both became
mad at me! This is like how the conch played a important role in this story Lord of the Flies. A power
struggle between two boys to gain control over someone ore something.
In the beginning of this book the conch was regarded as having power and authority:

?I?ll[Ralph] give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he is speaking.? (Golding 33)

The struggle of power in this book was very strong separation of the groups. The conch seemed to
be the only common bond between the two groups. Even though Jacks? group was separate, when Ralph
blew the conch in chapter 10 the boys on Jacks side came out and looked to see what was going on, they
still believed in the power of the conch:

?He [Ralph] put the conch to his lips and began to blow. Savages appeared, painted out of recognition,
edging round the ledge toward the neck. Ralph went on blowing and ignored Piggy?s terrors? (175).

Once the conch was shattered into a million pieces, the dwindling power left in Ralph's group was
completely gone, Piggy was dead and Sam n? Eric had converted to Jacks group of savages. Ralph was
alone. Then unable to pick up the pieces, Ralph continued to endure the hatred and aggravation of Jacks
savage society all by himself.
Chased onto the beach, Ralph spotted a man, an officer from a naval ship. In short, this man
represented the conch. He brought everyone left on the island together, in peace. The power between the
children on the island had been resolved.