Little India- a Singapore vignette
The writer clearly focuses the reader's attention to the colourful majestic scene that lay before him with use of sensory adjectives like "reddish.. yellowish…' , ‘blue to white' which brings life to the stunning view where a sense of admiration is over flowing from the writer. The description of the outstanding exterior is been painted to the minds of the readers. further use of adjective like "nostril-teasing' switches on the sense of smell of the famous Indian dishes that's being made by the numerous restaurants . the writers assurance of his cultural foods "one cannot miss' is clearing been portrayed with much confidence . The excitement for tasting the food was displayed by the use of adjective "tantalized', where the writer again provided a vivid image (By the repetition of bright, appetizing colors)of the food in his platter .
A nostalgic aura was slightly evoked on the latter half "clear in my mind" , where the writer announces how this place looked identical to tamil nadu "not much different' , .moreover the feeling of being in tamil nadu is further stressed "re-emphasizes the illusion..' , ‘not be much different', where it is clearly evident how the writer misses his hometown and wishes to be there even though he is enjoying at the moment. The factual details ‘bindis mark on woman..' , ‘sculptures depicting..' , again brings more life to the image being created by the writer . this adventurous , and stunning view makes this a memorable experience .