Lincoln vs. Kennedy
Crystal Lang
November 02, 2015

Lincoln vs. Kennedy
In many peoples opinion the most profound and famous of presidents that will be mentioned is Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. Both presidents were considered heroes in their own ways because of their selfless achievements during their term. They were both loved and highly appraised by the American people. In public-opinion polls, Kennedy consistently ranks with Abraham Lincoln as the most beloved American presidents of all time. CITATION Bio15 l 1033 (Editors, 2015)
Lincoln was raised in very humble beginnings but impacted the nation by taking the highest office that well educated people would have taken. Lincoln was the nation\'s sixteenth president and is known for the emancipation of the slaves. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, which stated that all individuals who were held as slaves in rebellious states "henceforward shall be free." CITATION Bio151 l 1033 (Editors, Abraham Lincoln Biography , 2015) He also revolutionized the industrial era which caused this very young but growing nation in to civil war. After five years of presidency Lincoln was shot by then famous actor and Confederate sympathizer John Wilks Booth.
Kennedy unlike Lincoln grew up in a wealthy family to the house of the Fitzgerald\'s and Kennedys. He was very mischievous as a boy and young man and never obtained good grades throughout school. Because of his adolescence he was never looked at for doing great things especially ever becoming president. It wasn\'t until his second year in college that he realized his learning potential and put forth the effort to go and do great things. As president, Kennedy successfully negotiated the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty with Great Britain and the Soviet Union. He also sent a civil rights bill to Congress as one of the last acts of his presidency and his life, Kennedy\'s bill eventually passed as the landmark Civil Rights Act in 1964 which later deemed him as one of the few presidential heroes of our time.
Both presidents were elected to the presidency in the sixtieth year of their century and inaugurated in in the sixty first year. Lincoln in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960 exactly one hundred years apart. If that was not a little eerie both of these great presidents were shot on a Friday and in the back of the head in the presence of their wives. They were also elected to the House of Representatives in forty six of their century and both became very powerful and influential to the peers.
Like in death both presidents during their term had accomplished great things. Lincoln had freed the slaves while winning a war which eventually brought our nation together as a whole. Kennedy had deferred a nuclear war by having a nuclear treaty signed by the great powers of that time. He did not stop the war but because of his Bills that were passed the United States fought and won a war that could have ended in the inhalation of the human population. WWII also brought several countries together in the start of an alliance that today embodies over sixty countries.
Both Lincoln and Kennedy have performed remarkable acts in their lives. Both in their youths were never revered as very smart men and no one never thought that they would achieve greatness. Lincoln grew up in a class just above being poor whose parents were illiterate. Kennedy was a prankster and nearly failed school growing up. Their childhood was completely opposite, Lincoln being poor and Kennedy was from a wealthy family both became president of the United States.
As president both men took very risky actions to try and better the lives of the American people. Both men ended up putting this country in war because of their beliefs, which the outcome greatly helped out this nation in the long run. No one will ever know what the outcome would have been but if these two men never became president where would we be at today. No one will ever know but this country is great to this day because of them.

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