Leighton Thompson
Diagnostic Reflection

A major error found was a missing apostrophe to make the noun possessive. The flawed sentence was ‘Usain Bolt induction into track and field is responsible for the disruption in sports worldwide.' The corrected sentence is ‘Usain Bolt's induction into track and field is responsible for the disruption in sports worldwide.'

Revising the 4 th paragraph that began by saying, "Usain Bolt was seen as a showman…"

Revised paragraph:

Another reason why I consider Usain Bolt the greatest athlete of all time is because of how he connected with the crowd. He was amiable, funny and he displayed appreciation to his fans every chance he got and this is a quality of great athletes. His love for his fans was reciprocated by them. This small detail is crucial in claiming the title of the greatest as it decides whether Usain is just a good athlete who will be quickly forgotten, or a great athlete who will always be remembered.

Part 2. Reflection
The aim of this essay was to convey Usain Bolt's dominance in track and field and why he is the greatest athlete of all time. Overall, I believe that this essay captured the main idea but did not adeptly explain the reasons why Usain Bolt was the greatest. This inadequacy was due to time the limit, as I did not have enough to time to "brainstorm" and properly express my points. Given more time, I would not only be able to formu late better points, but also I would have been able to make grammar throughout the essay better, considering I would have had adequate time to proofread.
This diagnostic revealed my inability to express my ideas properly because of my limited vocabulary. A strength of mine that was displayed in this essay is my capability to quickly think of fitting points to support my thesis, despite working in stressful conditions.
One aspect of my writing I hope to improve this semester is critical writing. I aim to be able to write analytical pieces with properly expressed ideas. My goal is to also do this effectively despite the conditions (test, examinations).
My favorite part of this essay was writing about someone I am passionate about. Consequently, this essay reflects my true thoughts and opinions. My least favorite parts of this essay were that it was poorly structured and it contained several grammatical errors.