Leighton Thompson
In his essay, "America: The Multicultural Society" Ishmael Reed comprehensively outline why he believes America should be considered as a melting pot instead of a ‘monolithic' society , commonly referred to as ‘Western Civilization'. The author recalls quite a few personal experiences which proves that America consists of several races and cultures.
Reed criticizes the hypocrisy of western civilization as he points out that a vast number of Europe's practices are heavily influenced by other cultures such the African and Japanese. He continues to negate this idea by pointing out that even the system of government is influenced by other cultures. The author comments on how Puritans are idolized even though they are an inhumane group of peopl e. Reed finishes his essay by commenting on how ridiculous it is to believe that America is just being invaded by other cultures, when in fact America has always been an amalgamation of cultures.