Anthony P. Moreno
Leadership and Management
January 25th 2016

I will be discussing the differences between leadership and management with definitions, personal examples and examples from the text. Leadership is something that we all need in any environment or situation that we are in. Management is mainly found in organizations and in the work environment.

“Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.”(Northouse, 2013) Management is about seeking order, planning, staffing, stability, organizing, and controlling in organizations to help them work productively and systematically. In the military there are different jobs that each sailor contributes just like any other job. Some jobs or duties are more important than others. At my job we have some leaders that are not good at managing and we have some management that are not very good leaders. For example, if we have a mission to complete and they managed what our mission is, organized it, set up our briefing beforehand for it and gave us a timetable of when we should land and be back, but they usually don’t go on the missions with us. This is when a leadership stance comes in and takes over. Just because a certain mission is managed step by step something can always go wrong with any little thing like low fuel, broken part on the plane, not unloading cargo fast enough and we may miss our time table because of these mishaps. Leadership comes into play because someone steps up and decides what is best for our safety and determines how we will be able to continue with the mission or it has to be put on hold until we fix what needs to be fixed.
Some of the different leadership roles are motivation; this role helps the entire team function with a positive mindset because they have someone who wants them to succeed behind them. Leadership helps establish direction for the team by setting strategies and being able to make clear of the big picture. Some management roles are to organize and provide structure like rules and procedures. Management produces order and consistency by also controlling and using problem solving. These roles are different between leadership and management because a management role is to seek order and a leadership role is to pursue constructive change.
According to Northouse (2013), “Defining leadership as a process means that it is not a trait or characteristic that resides in the leader, but rather a transactional even that occurs between the leader and the followers.” The leader isn’t born a leader, even though that is a common saying. A leader develops a certain skills when in groups and takes the role by helping teach people and encouraging people to succeed to their common goal. “Leadership involves influence. Without influence, leadership does not exist.” (Northouse 2013) “The trait perspective suggests that certain individuals have special innate or inborn characteristics or qualities that make them leaders, and that it is these qualities that differentiate them from non leaders.” (Northouse 2013)

Northouse, P. G. (2013). Leadership: Theory and practice.