Laying the foundations of Science

Laying the foundations of Science

Knowing the deep seated foundations of Science led me through a simple throw back of a long time question, “Why would Egyptians consider Nile River flooding outcome an advantage in their part?” I remember my late grandfather, living beside a river, who used to plow the land every after a cyclical river flooding. I wondered why. He said it’s the best time to plant his crops just exactly the way my great grandparents do when he was young. “It’s a farming practice and culture to follow” he added. Until I started school and the same explanation I heard from my “HEKASI” teacher: that the flooding in a river means rich soil to Egyptians and it’s planting time. But what’s with the flooding that can enrich a soil?

It’s not surprising that people when I was ten would have made me stay where I am a little longer to wait for an explanation to my queries, not even my parents though. I have come to understand long enough, after I finished school: that floods from river may bring silt which will enrich the soils suitable for growing crops; that water lilies are also an indicator of mineral accumulation in a river that relatively depicts convenience for another wave of bountiful farming if waters overflow and redistributed another batch of silts to lands nearby. Then a chain of inquiry and acquisition of facts followed: that when the river is brownish, it has rained in the uplands bringing down silts in many run-offs; that when it’s greenish, it hasn’t rain for a long time and algae are starting to make algal bloom happen; etc. All of these information made me think that Egyptians really have gone pre-science phase by way of primitive discoveries unrolled in the ancient years and their ideas were not so systematic to accurately explain why a phenomenon occur.

Another magnificent scenario was the moment we first perceived flame. Obtained by natural source such as striking flint against stone to produce sparks, fire had been discovered, paving a way to the most important discovery of all time. Because of this, early men were able to bake clay pots which were used to cook. Fire reflected off its menacing scales but became a mean of
light source and heat to many people and we are recipients to the advantage it bore in all forms of its application.

Because of what I have scientifically found and understood, my grandparents are now justified in their farming practice. They raised the bloodline where I owe my heredities the most to the way ancient people facilitate farming technology in doing a living. I am also justified to pass such a life-long knowledge and experience to my students. Glad that I’ve become a culprit of

every child’s first-hand knowledge. There’s much heart-longing of saying gratitude, granting a turn-back time when they’re once alive, for laying a scientific practice that gave everyone a chance to be more nourished and live longer life.

Indeed, this simple realization can bring us to a fact that science has been around since the beginning of time. I believe it evolved from the everyday efforts of people trying to improve their way of life. History can claim and attest that humankind had developed and utilized materials such as tools, simple machines, and techniques without understanding how or why they worked and without comprehending their physical or chemical composition either. Serendipity-wise, they have plenty. All these, I believe, had become benchmarks to any scientific discovery that flourished from the time being and onwards.

The People of Science

After knowing main characters behind science the most detailed way, I really am composed claiming that all of us alive right now are but a total of the many scientists who planted trees through the years; and that through the process of times and circumstances we germinated underneath their shade of wisdom and scientific knowledge as though we rightfully deserve to reap and enjoy their harvest today.

Owing absolute reliance on technological advancements to enhance our daily activities, whether it be as simple as “androidified” cellphones for communication and status signature purposes; or the stem cell technology for extraordinary rejuvenating effect of the body; or as vital as