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Discussion is a text which presents a problematic discourse. This problem will be discussed from different points of view. It presents pro and contra opinion on certain issue. The purpose of a discussion text is to present ar guments and information from differing viewpoints. Discussion texts are usually written in the present tense. Discussion is a process to find the meet point between two different ideas . It is important to to get the understanding between the two differences. In many socia l activities, discussion is the effective way to calm down any friction and difference in thought, perception and recommendation.

Generic Structure

Issue: contains of statement and preview about something.
Arguments for /Supporting arguments: after stating the issue, it is necessary to present the argument to support that one point is agreeing.
Arguments against : beside the support ing argument, discussion text needs the arguments which disagree to the stated issue.
Recommendation/conclusion: It is used to tell how to solve issue by concerning the arguments for and against

Language Features

Relating verb/to be: is, am, are, etc.
Using thinking verb: feel, hope, believe, etc.
Using additive, contrastive, and causal connection: similarly, on the hand, however, etc.
Using modalities: must, should, could, may, etc.
Using adverbial of manner: deliberately, hopefully, etc.
Conjunction/transition: although, even, if, etc

To imply main idea in order to keep them all tightly linked. we can do the following action …
Read the passage entirely first : All the details might not make sense immediately, but you should start to see patterns
Examine individual details : to see how they relate to the common thread.
Put the details together : to find out what the main idea is. We can look at the details together to see that the implied of the main idea .
Coherence means the connection of ideas at the idea level, and cohesion means the connection of ideas at the sentence level. Basically, coherence refers to the "rhetorical" aspects of your writing, which include dev eloping and supporting your argu ment (e.g. thesis statement development), synthesizin g and integrating readings, organizing and clarifying ideas. The cohesion of writing focuses on the "grammati cal" aspects of writing.
One of the practical tools that can help improve the coherence of your writing is to use a concept map . The concept map is also known as " reverse outline " since you make an outline of your paper after you have finished the m ain ideas of your paper. Write down the main idea of each paragraph—which is called a topic sentence —on a blank piece of paper. Check to see if the topic sentences are connected to th e thesis statement of your paper or if you have strayed from your main ar gument. As you repeat this process, it will help you become more aware of ho w to develop your argument coherently and how to organize your ideas effectively. He re is a concept map template you can use.
Cohesion is also a very important aspect of academic writing, because it immediately affects the tone of your writing. Although some instructors may say that you will not lose points because of grammatical errors in your paper, you may lose points if the tone of your writing is sloppy or too casual (a diary-type of writing or choppy sentences will make the tone of your writing too casual for academic writing). But cohesive writing does not mean just "grammatically correct" sentences; cohesive writing refers to the connection of your ideas both at t he sentence level and at the paragraph level.

A hortatory exposition is a type of spoken or written text that is intended to explain the listeners or readers that something should or should not happen or be done. In other words, the main function of Hortatory Exposition text is to persuade the readers or listener that something should or should not be the case.
In other words, this kind of text can be called as argumentation.