Lajom, John Froilan C. Oral Communication

How is intercultural communication exhibited in the film? Cite two scenes to support your answer.
As we know intercultural communication is communication between at least two people from different culture. From the time Anna somewhat unfortunately landed to Wales and started to be with the Irish people, intercultural communication was display. One scene that exhibits this kind of communication is when she talked to Declan and the elders about her planned proposal to his boyfriend and how and when Declan and Anna will be able to go to Dublin. The elders are trying to say the day that is not advisable to travel and Anna, being new to the town just pretend to listen which is not good to intercultural communication. Another scene is the first parts of the journey of Declan and Anna to Dublin when they find that the herd of cows has blocked the road, Declan instantly sits down and wait while Anna attempted to get the cows to move. Nonverbally intercultural communication was not exhibited very well because they don't connect a channel to communicate; Declan is carefree while Anna is always in a hurry. Also Declan switch to his own language while talking to Anna by saying Bob which means money this is not right for intercultural communication.
Describe how Anna communicated with the Irish people.
Anna is not really an effective communicator with the Irish people. It seems like she doesn't know how to interact intercultural because she interfere what Irish people are and their cultural dimensions. It's not that she is not polite when approaching them, but she gave them not-so-good impression. She is bland and sound like always in a hurry and unwilling to defer gratification. She always follows her "strict time schedule". That is only at the first parts of the film because as the story goes, she started to go along with the polychromic environment of the Irish people. Maybe she's just not that used to the carefree spirit of Irish people, especially Declan, making a difference in the message she is trying to convey.
Identify the effective communication skills (i.e.. eye contact & visible mouth, body language, silence, checking for understanding, smiling face, summarizing what has been said, encouragement to continue, some questions) applied by a character in the movie. Justify your answer.
Although not one of the main characters the wife of the train station employee shows effective communication skills to Anna and Declan. When talking she speaks while looking at the person's eyes and speaks clearly. She smiles frequently (and appropriately) giving the two visitors a warm feeling and welcome. She also listens whenever any of the two speaking like for example, when Declan was taking a shower. She also shows her authenticity by being real to the two like when she shows the two how to kiss their loved ones. Also, she asked questions to continue the conversation and make it more pleasing. All in all she communicates with them despite difference in culture and perspective.