L1 8 - Presentation Skills 1 ( Ans )
Task 1
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Task 2
Academic presentations
What is the main difference between academic and secondary school presentations?
Academic presentations include research , which means you need to cite references .

Academic Style
In academic style, you need to show authority and to establish that what you are talking about is relevant , correct and valid .

Reference List
You should choose references that are relevant and that also support your arguments properly .

What are the two ways to cite your references?
provide the reference in the slide
cite it orally / verbally , e.g. as John Chan points out in his article in 2010…

A good structure enables the audience to follow the content very clearly .
Make sure each section of your presentation is organised properly.

What is Signposting?
it is the outline at the beginning.
it gives direction to where the presentation is leading.
it is the use of citations.

Why is Language tricky for some students?
Because oral presentations use lot of spoken language and they need lots of interaction .

What happens if a student just reads a presentation?
low grade
Be careful: Not to use very emotional language

Voice, body language and interaction.
Body language includes:
very good eye contact ;
good posture ;
good facial expressions ; and
a ppropriate gestures .

Interaction means:
ask questions
create interest
get your audience to ask questions

What is the advice for slides?
best to keep it simple
not to use too many fancy animations or sound effects
Remember: You are the one delivering the presentation , but not the PowerPoint which is delivering the presentation.

Which of the following features belong to ‘ a cademic presentation'?
Very well researched content
Reliable references
Clearly organised
Good intonation
Good body language
Appropriate language
Simple but effective slides
Effective signposting

Task 3
" intro 2" is better because of the following features:
good eye contact;
good pronunciation and articulation;
any other reasonable answers .

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