Journal 2
October 20, 2016

Buzzfeed is my daily bread. This fashion-meets-politics-meets-sports meets-life tips blog provides for all my reading needs, whether merely for amusement or for knowledge. Without it I'd be hopelessly lost. The scope of this blog is extremely broad, as its content covers a myriad of topics that persons of any age, race or sex can relate to. Moreover, the issues Buzzfeed chooses to tackle are current & controversial and I almost always find their vantage point to be relevant and refreshing. It is for this reason that Buzzfeed articles are my essays of choice.
As a person extremely concerned with racial matters and prejudice facing the minorities and the marginalized, I can turn to Buzzfeed for articles on the latest horrid incident of police brutality or failure of the United States' judicial system. However, as a young woman, when I'm in need of style or hair tips, Buzzfeed has me covered. The versatility of this blog is a selling point for me as my every need is catered to by riveting, content heavy articles which are both factual and well thought out . Buzzfeed also helps to keep me in the know with their constantly updated articles and their focus on being contemporary which adds to its appeal.
The delivery of this blog is also why I relish it. The most apt way to describe it is hip. I enjoy the medium length articles on their website which manage to keep me engaged to the finish. The use of memes and gifs, which are the new wave of amusement on the internet, also helps Buzzfeed articles to stay edgy and interesting when delivering their message to the readers. The tone of the blog is also very personal; I never feel like I'm reading a boring article or scientific paper. Reading a Buzzfeed article is similar to being engaged in discussion with someone just behind my laptop screen.
All in all, Buzzfeed's range and delivery are the two main reasons why I enjoy this blog so much. Staying on-trend and current is no small feat but this blog manages to do all that and more.