John Henry Clarke was an activist, nationalist, writer, and leader who grew up in a poor family in Alabama. He was surround by people who loved him dearly, so in his mind he was rich with love. During his time in school he was told that African Americans didn't have any history and he also noticed that text books didn't elaborate on African American history. After he was told this he was decided to establish his history for himself. He traveled to Chicago and then New York where he enlisted in the army and earned the rank of master sergeant. He then selected Harlem as his place to study the true history of African Americans. He took some strategic steps to build a life of scholarship and activism in New York. He paved strong roads where he envisioned a mighty walk where he inspired and helped organizations to elevate African Americans.
He became a participant in circles like Harlem's workshop studied history and world literature at New York and Columbia Universities and the league of professional writers. Clarke has wrote songs and short stories focusing on African Americans. He major publications were in the form of edited books, major essays, and book introductions. He has edited books on Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey. He has also published monographs for many activist leaders, such as W.E.B Du Bois. His latest work was Who Betrayed the African Revolution? that was a painful project for him. He had a chance to engage in dialogue at the major centers of higher education throughout North and South America, Europe and Africa. In Europe he witnessed that they colonized information about the world and images that included God and that put us in a trap by worshiping a God whose image we did not choose. He didn't take the insidious concepts and theories that he challenged facing. He had questioned the political judgment of those who painted Christ as white with his obvious noise and African nose, lips, and wooly hair. It was important to him to edit books because what it might be missing and false information. He had written songs that related was related with Christ being black and he had wrote hundreds of shorts stories.
Clarke worked hard in earning numerous of honorary degrees. He has walked with kings, queens, presidents, and other heads of states. He has walked in numerous directions to understand and to establish the true history of African Americans. With his disability he still remained strong and accomplished his goals. Clarke is a leader who people should look up to from his history that he has made.