Job Application

Dear Senior Chief Valerie McQueen-Vance and Commander Scott Wales,

I am very excited to apply for the Marksmanship commander and the Academics commander positions. I feel that I am well qualified for either of these jobs and I feel that I would be an excellent choice for this position.
I have an ability to grow with a job, handle responsibility and build positive relationships with other cadets at all levels. I present an excellent work rate, and I am confident that I can bring an excellent level of high-performance to the Landstown High School NJROTC Unit. I would like to inform you that I am someone who knows how to set goals and achieve them, and have a proven track record of being able to conceive, develop & execute strategies. I feel certain that my strong leadership and a organization skills coupled with my ability to work hard and listen to my fellow cadets will be of immediate value to the unit. I very much hope that you will look favorably upon my application by recognizing my enthusiasm, talents as a cadet and as a leader and my future potential to contributing to the Landstown High School NJROTC Unit.

I believe that I am a good candidate for the position of the Marksmanship Commander because I am extremely cautious and follow and enforce all rules. Also I show great promise as a responsible leader that doesn’t allow any horseplay and that I take safety extremely seriously. If there are any issues that should appear I would take care of them immediately and I would quickly alert my superiors of the issue. My goal is to continue to learn and grow my specialist skills and abilities, whilst utilizing my experience, knowledge and skills to benefit the unit. The foundation of my achievements to date lies in my ability to organize my time effectively, prioritize tasks, and use my initiative to come up with solutions to problems.

I believe that I am a good candidate for the position of the Academics Commander because as someone who recognizes that success starts with people, I would also like to point out that I specialize in staff selection, training and performance monitoring, all of these are vital in ensuring that my team is always a skilled, capable and motivated workforce. One of my strengths is being a motivated self-starter who takes the initiative, and who can work with minimal supervision, when necessary. Also I consider myself to be a productive worker with a solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort to ensure all tasks given to me are completed on time and to the highest standards.

In conclusion I believe that I would be a great candidate for wither positions. I appreciate you taking the time to review my credentials and I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jose Luis Martinez Jr.