Jessi Benanti

Hello, my name is Jessi Benanti. I am from Palmdale, CA. I am a single mom that likes to spend time in the dance studio. I have many different things that I really like to do; some of those things are dancing ballet, jazz, and modern, I also do things that keep me busy like running five miles every morning so that I can keep myself healthy. I also like to play with my son and teach him new games. I have always been interested in helping people, and I have been helping people by feeding the homeless, and being a mentor in my community. I havenít been able to really be a dancer like I used to because I have been taking care of my dad that just had a heart transplant and my grandma that just recently had a stroke.
When I first started looking into Ashford University as the school that I wanted to attend to get my Bachelorís degree, I first started focusing my schooling in the field of Psychology. When I was getting to the point of finding which degree I should go for my consoler showed me that Applied Behavioral Science program and it made me want to focus in that area. As a student that wanted to start out as being a social worker, until I finish with my masters and focus on becoming a therapist. I have always wanted to work with children. When I was younger and in therapy I have come to realize that there really isnít therapist that just focuses on children. Due to knowing that children need someone that can really help them and are able to understand their mind at their age.
As I am getting into my education I have come to realize that the definition of learning has a different meaning to everyone. When I define learning I looking at it as gaining knowledge from studying, being taught by someone or yourself, and acquiring knowledge through experience. When Iím in school I have learned that no matter how you are being taught a subject, either by sitting in a classroom or online you still have to work hard and at times teach yourself at times. As a person that has done classes in the traditional way of being in a classroom I have learned that you can ask questions if you donít understand what is being taught. Also in a traditional learning style you have the benefit of being able to work with other students that are in the class and that way you can have study partners and other people that might be able to show you something that you donít understand. There are also many advantages of taking classes online. When you are taking classes online you are able to work more at your own pace. When you have the flexibility of working on class work when you have time. This way you can go to work and then come home and do school work, this gives a big advantage because there are people that have to go to work during the day and they only have time to do their school work at night so they can get ahead in life.
The quote ďChance favors the prepared mindĒ by Louis Pasteur, scientist has a strong meaning that people wonít have sudden flashes of insight, these are products of preparation. When Louis Pasteur wrote this quote and talked about preparation he was saying that preparation is the key to a successful and very fulfilling scientific career. When looking at ďChance favors the prepared mindĒ we are also looking at there are more than one way of becoming the person that you are trying to be, either it be the traditional route of studying the academic classes or the non-traditional route of academics.