Japan was recently hit by an earthquake, followed by a tsunami and a nuclear meltdown, which strongly eliminates the supply sources. That will lead to a supply shortage and increase in delivery time. This report states the communication problems faced by Honda Canada.
In response to this situation Honda Canada set up its emergency task force headed by Gardner who is the vice president of sales and marketing. Diverse background of David Gardner will able him to see problem from different viewpoints of business good candidate for EFT. He emphasizes the priority on people over business. Automotive industry follows the rule that the diversity of locations of global automotive production. Disasters will affect our supply in Japan o dispersed supply chain influence our assembly line. Honda ‘s vision is to focus on customer service which rises the problem how to communicate the situation
Since Honda Canada is largely a distributor, who relies on the finished products from around the world. And four tier supplier structure makes a delay on our awareness of the problems and unable to obtain first-hand information of suppliers .113 Suppliers are severely impacted by the natural disaster including suppliers supplying critical inputs. In face of this situation, Honda Global convey two strategic decisions production facilities keep running and don't lay off associates. ETF feels like the production should be prioritized on the basis of demand. Immediate goal is to get all employee dealers and customer on board and ensure alignment
For employee, it is important to keep a balance between consistency and confidentiality. It means we should be open and honest with internal communication and avoid competitors taking advantage of our vulnerabilities.
Dealers focus on their own businesses, increased delivery time and limited output will affect our credibility. find a way to communicate. Since they get information mainly fromm field operations associates , we could start form here train them
Customers are driven by needs than wants. The most important thing is to convey the information that Honda is still in business. cultural issues it hard for the communicaton .inability to obtain complete accurate information make it harder to decide the information disclosed to the public.